Medworx – we are 160 employees, 30 years of experience, and a common goal: the safe, functional, and sustainable repair of surgical instruments and devices. For the benefit of patients. For the efficiency and profitability of clinics. That is what we stand for. We can do that because behind Medworx are masters of their trade. The craftsmanship and sensitive processes involved in the repair of surgical instruments require a high level of skills, abilities, and talents. The sharpening of a pair of scissors by a skilled hand or the expert eye – the quality and expertise of our employees make the difference. They make us Medworx.

Medworx is a team – With the expertise and experience of our employees, with innovative technologies, and with a good deal of passion, we develop optimal solutions for economical, reliable instrument repair and sustainable, efficient instrument management.

Our goal is top quality. The way to the goal is top employees.

Medworx consists of the business departments Workshop, Administration, and Sales. We work as a team in every department and across all departments. Each team consists of highly qualified people with a lot of passion for their work. Our workshop teams and our sales team are led by experienced, senior employees.

The leaders of our workshop team

The leaders of our sales team

And behind our sales team is the inside sales team, which is always available to you as a customer and can be asked questions at any time.

Our inside sales team members are

Every team needs leadership: Medworx management

Medworx Management

I work for Medworx because you can turn the smallest instrument into reasonable numbers for internal control – and many small numbers eventually result in large numbers that are important internally and for our customers.

Melanie Lessel (Commercial Director | Authorised Signatory)

I work for Medworx because the idea, tradition, and especially the team are unique.

Ralf Stähler (Managing Director)

I work for Medworx because I deeply believe in sustainability and the principle of repairing before buying new – and I want to assert this conviction with our customers in the market.

Karsten R. Dieme (Sales Manager | Authorised Signatory)