Our independence from manufacturers.
Your freedom of choice.

You decide on repair or new purchase.

Repair and instrument management: Medworx is the largest manufacturer-neutral instrument specialist for instrument repair and instrument management in the DACH region. We repair surgical instruments and devices from all manufacturers, supporting you and your objectives the same way – completely independently of the interests of third parties.

Independence is the instrument.

Medworx repairs your surgical instruments and devices. Sustainably. Reliably. Cost-effectively. Regardless of manufacturer. Instead of an exchange or replacement, we will return your instrument to you skilfully repaired. Regardless of the manufacturer of your instruments, we repair your instruments in accordance with MDR, MPDG, and MPBetreibV standards. Thus, the decision whether you buy new or prefer to have it repaired is entirely up to you. This helps you to make the most of your investments. This creates financial freedom for new investments. This helps you to manage sustainably in your hospital or clinic. After all, the better and safer the life of your surgical instruments can be extended, the fewer new purchases you will have. This helps your budget, your resources, and the environment.

We repair your surgical instruments and devices with high precision, providing you with reliable use and a high degree of patient safety. Our independence from manufacturers provides you with maximum freedom to make decisions about repair and new purchases. And we ensure the optimal management of your surgical instruments. We support you during all processes that are affected by the instrument cycle. We make transparent how many instruments you have in circulation, what condition they are in, and whether they have been purchased and are being used as needed. We document how up-to-date the surgical instrument sets are and what your annual instrument costs are. You can use this information to plan and operate more safely, efficiently, and effectively.

Medworx instrument repair

Repair of your surgical instruments in our master craftsperson workshop regardless of manufacturer or vendor.

Optimise your ecological and economic resources with the sustainable, high-quality, and reliable instrument repair services at Medworx.

Medworx instrument repair
Medworx instrument management services

Medworx instrument management services

Gain an overview of the availability, use, control, procurement, repair, care, and costs of your surgical instruments.

Keep track of resources, costs, and the state of your instruments with Medworx surgical instrument management services.

Full control and autonomy.

Medworx repairs your surgical instruments regardless of manufacturer for extended service life. We take care of the management of your surgical instruments so that you always know what, where, how, and for what each surgical instrument is used. We prepare the use and capacity analysis of the CSSD (central sterile services department) for you and analyse the inventories of trays and surgical instruments. This provides you with an overview and control. You are then assured of the quality and functionality of your surgical instruments at all times, allowing you to act sustainably and cost-consciously. Increase your rate of repairs and reduce the proportion of new purchases.

Medworx offers you:

  • Instrument repair and instrument management
  • Independence from manufacturers for your freedom of choice
  • Highest precision and experienced master craftsmanship
  • High transparency of costs and expenses
Medworx. Full control and autonomy.

Reliability and quality. Experience and precision.

Medworx is maximum precision, absolute independence, and skilled craftsmanship, which means high patient safety and efficient cost management for our customers. It has been all this for more than 30 years. We draw our experience and competence from decades of cooperation with hospitals, outpatient surgical centres, community health centres, practice clinics, medical practices, and the permanent communicative exchange with all areas of the healthcare system. Our quality is based on the high professional qualifications of our master craftspeople and surgical mechanics and the closeness to customers of our medical device consultants and instrument managers. A further plus point is our continuous, innovative further development of our technical and technological processes. We use them to ensure the stability of value and the cost-effectiveness of the investments you already own and future investments in your instruments.

Quality and transparency

  • Complete, documented overview by capturing the status of all instruments
  • Matching the content and quantity of surgical instrument sets and instruments to the needs of the medical institution with SIMA Instrument Management Analysis.
  • Joint optimisation of processes between users, CSSD/SPD, service providers, and suppliers
  • Transparency through cost-benefit analyses
  • Manufacturer-independent product advice
  • Reliable planning of your budget through capped maintenance costs
  • Flexible costing without budgets when the number of operations and thus the need for instruments decreases
  • Extraordinarily high repair rate in certified processes
  • Coordination of procurement needs according to individual agreement

Organisation and logistics

  • Process implementation by experienced project managers
  • On-site support from medical device consultants
  • Determination of characteristic data
  • Management of analyses and statistics
  • Digital support
  • Weekly pick-up, delivery, and support
  • Sustainable transport solutions through the use of reusable transport containers
  • Ad-hoc pickup on demand
  • Express repair

Technology and know-how

  • Special qualification and special technical equipment for repairing system instruments, instruments for special surgical techniques, and endoscopic and specialist instruments
  • Reliable restoration of instrument and device function
  • Material-friendly repair methods
  • Certified spare parts and modern materials
  • Development of innovative methods for the further developed products of the manufacturers
  • Extending the life and useful life of instruments
  • Modern laser equipment for labelling

Law and compliance

  • Ensuring complete functionality of the repaired instruments in accordance with statutory regulations and standards for medical devices
  • Safety for patients and users
  • Certification of quality management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13485 and DIN EN ISO 9001