Medworx not only operates independently of and across manufacturers, but also operates in compliance with the law. When we restore the functionality and safety of your surgical instrument during repair, we repair in accordance with all current laws and regulations. The legal basis for the repair of your surgical instruments at Medworx is the presently valid EU regulation “Regulation (EU) 2017/745 of the European Parliament and the Council of 5 April 2017”. In addition, we act in accordance with the Medical Device Operator Ordinance, which is the further national basis for our activities. This is because safety always comes first, especially that of patients and users.

Our values. Your benefits. The only interests we represent are yours. Our independence guarantees you full freedom of choice. Our legally compliant way of working gives you maximum security and reliability. We bring together the parameters of quality, costs, and sustainability in accordance with your goals and preferences.

Foundations for the repair.

Our credo: safety and quality based on principle.

Our basic principles.

In everything we do, we set the highest standards

  • On the quality of the services we provide.
  • On the way we run our business.
  • On the safety and health of users, patients, and our employees.
  • On carefully dealing with the environment.
  • On dealing respectfully with people.

Our principles.

We want you to be able to make decisions freely at the work and business level without the influence of third parties. To this end, we counterbalance the interests of other market participants with our instrument repair and instrument management services. By addressing conflicts of interest in the organisation and through appropriate control mechanisms, we help you to act sustainably, avoid unnecessary costs, and achieve your quality goals.

Through working together with you in a structured manner, we objectively present the conflicting interests of new purchase versus repair that are necessary for optimisation. We can do this because, for Medworx, in the Group, the economic goal of purchasing new instruments is equivalent to the goal of repair. Therefore, when you work with us, the following apply:

  • Repair before new purchase in the Medworx business model versus new purchase before repair in the business model of others in the market.
  • Decisions under acceptance of conflicting interests.
  • Extending and optimising instrument life cycles.
  • Structured supply processes.
  • Avoidance of unnecessary costs and environmental pollution.

Our quality management.

Our quality management system contributes to the success of Medworx, to our profitability, and to the satisfaction of our customers and employees. Our quality management system

  • Documents the effectiveness of the quality assurance measures vis-├á-vis our customers and business partners.
  • Informs our employees of the goals, tasks, responsibilities, processes, and tools with regard to the system.
  • Significantly supports our employees in the performance of their tasks.
  • Helps us to learn from mistakes and to optimise processes.
  • Continuously improves the standard of quality and proper documentation with regard to the continuous traceability of operations relevant to operations.